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If you were considering visiting Destin during the fall, this might just be your sign. While our peak season runs between spring and summer, autumn time is Destin’s best-kept secret. Here are three reasons why you should visit Destin in the fall.

1. The Weather

Visit Destin During the Fall

Destin is known as the go-to summer location across the country; however, visitors can actually expect better weather during the fall months. While July is historically known as the rainiest month out of the year; rainy season runs between June-August. Starting in September, visitors can expect less rain and more comfortable temperatures. The daily high temperatures average about 86°F, while the low temperatures average around 76°F. This is perfect weather for laying out on the beach or attending local events and not getting overheated! Not to mention, the Gulf of Mexico is still warm during September. Following September, you can expect temperatures to be near 79°F in October and around 70°F in November.

2. Less Crowds

Visit Destin During the Fall

If the incredible weather wasn’t enough to convince you, you’ll love the shift in crowds during the fall. It is no secret that Destin has become one of the top destinations to visit in America; but with school back in session, visitors can expect less crowds in the area during the fall months! If traffic and long wait times at restaurants are bothersome to you, then fall might just be the perfect time of year for you to visit. Less crowds also means less people on the beach– so get comfortable and enjoy the waves!

3. Fall Events in Destin

Visiting Destin in the Fall. Destin fishing rodeo. destin, florida activities
Image Credit: Destin Fishing Rodeo

The fall months are home to some of the biggest events in Destin. The Destin Fishing Rodeo takes place between October 1st-October 31st. This iconic fishing tournament has been a local tradition since 1948. Anglers across the globe travel to Destin to participate in this huge tournament and win prizes. Awards for the competition include fine rods and reels, fishing trips, weekend stays, and cash prizes. In addition to the fishing competition, there are a variety of events for kids to participate in as well. From Fall Fest to Halloween on the Harbor, there’s fun for the entire family!

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