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If you love staying up late, enjoying live music, and more, you have to check out the Destin Florida nightlife while you stay in one of our vacation rentals! Many bars stay open late so you can dance with your friends all night, and there are plenty of other options for fun if you don’t enjoy the bar scene! Check out these 5 cool places to go to experience the Destin Florida nightlife:

1. Coyote Ugly Saloon

beer flight in a barYou can’t talk about Destin Florida nightlife without mentioning Coyote Ugly Saloon! You’ll have a blast having a drink with your friends and watching the bartenders dance on the bar. They’ll sing their hearts out and encourage you to dance too. There’s great music and a dance floor! If you enjoy the classic bar scene, this is the place for you.

2. Lucky’s Rotten Apple

Another great bar hangout where you can drink and have fun with friends is Lucky’s Rotten Apple. Many people consider it a great place to grab your favorite drink and spend time with the people you came with. You can also dance on the floor space, ensuring you’ll have a great time! They run all kinds of deals throughout the week, and this bar stays open really late so you’ll have fun if you’re looking for a great nightlife hangout spot!

3. Destin Entertainment Center

arcade gamesLove staying up late but hanging out at a bar isn’t your thing? You should go to Destin Entertainment Center. Destin Entertainment Center offers drinks, great food, and the opportunity to have fun with your friends. There’s even a blacklight bowling alley to add to the fun. You’re sure to have a great time bowling, even if you don’t get any strikes! You can also have a blast playing games in the arcade. Near the bar, there are pool tables where you can play against your friends to see who is the best. Destin Entertainment Center is definitely a place you should check out!

4. McGuire’s Irish Pub

Never been to an Irish pub? You need to visit McGuire’s Irish Pub while you’re in Destin! Enjoy your favorite beers and even try some craft Irish beers. McGuire’s also sells all kinds of wine and other types of liquor. You’ll definitely have fun, especially on a night when there’s live music. There’s even a late-night menu you can order from. Try the Irish Boxtys or the fish and chips for traditional pub fare.

5. Graffiti Restaurant and Funky Blues Shack

outdoor concertDo you love listening to live music? You should go to Graffiti Restaurant and Funky Blues Shack if you’re looking for Destin Florida nightlife! Enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant before heading over to the venue to watch the band play while having a few drinks. This is one of the best live music venues in town!


Destin Florida nightlife can include bars, live music, and all kinds of entertainment. Now you just need a place to stay! Browse through our vacation rentals to find the right one for you!

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