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Under the Stars: A Guide to Nightlife in Destin, FL


Offering pristine beaches, world-class fishing, and a wealth of water activities, Destin, FL, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Still, the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.



Under the stars, the city transforms itself into a playground of great restaurants, bars, live music venues, and nightclubs. Night owls are bound to have a lot of fun navigating some of Destin’s best nightlife venues while feeling the breeze coming from the Emerald Coast.



There’s a lot on offer, so it can be a challenge to know where to go for a night out in Destin. We’re here to help out. Let this blog be your guide to nightlife in Destin, FL, listing the best venues to hit in town on a night out.



You know what they say: life’s a beach, and we’re here to celebrate!





Catch the sunset with a fantastic drink in hand at The Rooftop Bar


The Rooftop Bar at the Henderson Resort is not necessarily a spot for late-night fun but rather a place for you to warm things up before hitting the city’s dance floors and venues that stay open until late.



As the name suggests, this is an elegant rooftop with amazing views of the sea, great couches, high-top tables, string lighting, and some fire pits here and there. And it’s not only about the sea — the place also boasts great panoramic views of Henderson Beach State Park, and admiring sunsets from there is a big hit! If you’d rather have your eyes on a game, they have TVs for sports aficionados.



They also host live music performances and offer a great selection of your favorite drinks. Food options include oysters, ceviche, and local pink shrimp. Can you imagine a more fantastic way to kick off a night on the town?




Enjoy great music and beach vibes at AJ’s Club Bimini


Located on the Destin boardwalk, AJ’s Club Bimini — a venue right above AJ’s Seafood and Oyster Bar, one of Destin’s prime seafood restaurants — throws some great parties with amazing views of Destin Harbor. Every night, you can enjoy live music with talented bands and singers that will create an electrifying atmosphere on the spacious wooden deck-slash-dance floor.



Whether you’re out to dance your guts out or looking for a more relaxed evening, AJ’s Club Bimini is the place to go. Lots of seating areas offer a perfect setting to chat, enjoy the view of boats moored in the harbor, and listen to fantastic music.



The drinks? All expertly crafted by the friendly and knowledgeable staff at the club’s tiki hut bar, which, by the way, is super Instagrammable. Think great people, awesome music, and the best beach vibes. There’s no going wrong here!




Grab dinner and then enjoy drinks with a view at Tailfins Waterfront Grill


Right between AJ’s and Red Door, Tailfins is a huge venue with tons of seating, a great stage, and a dance floor. It feels like an outdoor venue, offering wide and open views of the Destin harbor, and they have a great menu filled with the best options for your favorite beverages. The food is good, and the service is great. The staff is always happy to recommend something.



Like many others on this list, this is a great place to grab dinner and then stay a little more to enjoy the party vibes. Tailfins does not stay open until super late, but it does allow for some hours of fun.





Enjoy the dive bar vibes at Red Door Saloon


Within walking distance from AJ’s, this awesome establishment is like a great hole in the wall or an awesome “dive” style place. The name does not lie; the place is really red when you go inside.



There’s also an outdoor area with plenty of seating and great views of the sea and docks. It can get a little crowded, but the atmosphere is fantastic; the staff are super nice, and the prices are pretty reasonable — cheaper than most establishments at the harbor. No wonder this is a local favorite. If you’re into somewhere unpretentious with lots of friendly locals, that’s your spot.





Enjoy Irish vibes (and sushi) at Mcguire’s Irish Pub

Across the street from Destin’s Harborwalk Village, Mcguire’s Irish Pub is like a treat for all tastes: they brew their own beer and have their own butcher shop, as well as their own store serving what you need for some fun libations. That means you can buy a bottle of a great Merlot and bring it into the restaurant free of charge. Cool, isn’t it?



Live entertainment is usually made of traditional Irish music and old goodies with that turn-of-the-century saloon feel. The upstairs space features great views of the harbor and is a great place to enjoy great music into the night. Staff is very friendly, and, as we mentioned, multifaceted — they even offer pizza and sushi!






Dance like there’s no tomorrow at Coyote Ugly Saloon


Arguably the most famous bar in the United States, Coyote Ugly Saloon has several locations across the country, one in the UK, and one in Japan. Their Destin branch is as fun as any of the others and certainly a great spot for a night out.



The atmosphere is unparalleled. Imagine lively music, lots of dancing, and a great menu. Live DJs enhance the atmosphere on Friday and Saturday nights; on Thursdays, you can try your luck at group games. 

Following the brand’s identity, the themed décor, entertaining activities, and social atmosphere of this Coyote Ugly branch will surely make it a place to enjoy a great time with friends while on holiday.




Enjoy the relaxed vibe of an old-fashioned hangout at Lucky’s Rotten Apple


This old-fashioned hangout in the heart of Destin offers pool tables, live music, great beverage options (and specials!), dartboards, and TVs for sports. The clientele is made up of interesting people, a mix of locals and visitors, and the relaxed vibe allows you to share stories and enjoy a good time.



The place really has that timeless and cozy atmosphere. The many include a variety of beverages, with something for all tastes. Besides the great DJs with very unique selections, they host regular live music performances, showcasing local talent across an eclectic variety of genres.





Enjoy live rock bands or laugh out loud with comedy nights at Club LA


Also in the heart of Destin, this vibrant hotspot features a spacious dance floor, and pool and ping pong tables. Club LA hosts everything from amazing live bands to dance parties and comedy nights.


It’s a fantastic spot, especially if you’re a fan of rock music. The drinks are great and affordable, and the music is simply awesome!





Salsa your night away at Bric à Brec


Family restaurant during the day (known for its delicious crab cakes), the upstairs floor of Bric à Brec transforms into a lively nightclub on weekends. It’s a great place to head for a night out, especially if you’re into Latin music.




Can you picture a vibrant Latin night dance floor, pulsating with energy and rhythm? That’s exactly what you’ll get. Bric à Brec is arguably Destin’s best Latin spot, and whether you’re a seasoned dancer or someone looking to try out Latin dance for the first time, you should not skip this one. They sure know the recipe for a good night out.




Enjoy the night by the ocean at Harry T’s Lighthouse


Destin Harbor at Emerald Grande’s HarborWalk Village, boasting arguably the best views in the panhandle, Harry T’s Lighthouse is a go-to destination in Destin for fun from sunset till late. You can begin your evening by taking in the spectacular sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. Indulging in a delightful dinner and savoring a selection of the restaurant’s American classic dishes and fresh seafood is not a bad idea.



As for the nightlife, Harry T’s Lighthouse offers a diverse range of options, spanning from signature cocktails and wines to a selection of bottled and on-taps. The lively atmosphere, welcoming staff, and refreshing ocean breeze create an inviting setting that will entice you to stay for a truly memorable night out.



Throughout the summer months (from May to August), Harry T’s Lighthouse hosts lively karaoke nights every Thursday through Saturday. Additionally, every Thursday during the warm season, the venue becomes the ideal spot to enjoy the Harborwalk Fireworks display.



Sports enthusiasts are warmly welcomed at Harry T’s Lighthouse, and they can enjoy live sports paired with exceptional drinks. With twenty large TV screens and projectors, the venue provides an immersive setting for sports buffs to passionately cheer and support their favorite team.




A Guide to Nightlife in Destin, FL


As you can see by now, Destin, FL, is an absolute blast, offering fantastic experiences both day and night. Whenever you’re in town, be sure to check this nightlife guide to Destin, so you’re always in the know about the hottest places to hit on a night out.





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