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Do you love fresh seafood but don’t want to go out to a restaurant? If you want to cook it yourself, go to one of the seafood markets in Panama City Beach! Find out everything you need to know about seafood markets in Panama City Beach here:

Preparing Fish You Catch

When you go deep sea fishing or even fishing off the pier, what are you going to do with all the fish you’ve caught all day? Don’t just throw them back! You can take them to a seafood market in Panama City Beach to be cleaned, prepared, and cooked. If you don’t want to eat your fish the same day, it can be stored or even shipped anywhere you want!

The knowledgeable staff at any of these seafood markets in Panama City Beach will carefully filet your fish, removing all the bones and leaving you with the perfect fish filet. They will then put the filets on ice until you get back to your vacation rental to prepare the fish. Don’t want to eat your fish the same day? The staff at the seafood markets can vacuum seal your seafood to maintain freshness for as long as 3 months. Choose between picking up your catch on ice or have it shipped to your home on dry ice.

Offering Fresh Seafood

If deep sea fishing isn’t your thing, don’t worry! These seafood markets have fresh fish and shellfish you can purchase. Some of the fish you’ll probably find include scamp, snapper, grouper, and mahi-mahi, while you’ll also find shrimp, succulent Apalachicola oysters, and crab legs. Most of these markets also have seasonings and spices that will pair perfectly with whatever fish or shellfish you choose to cook. The professionals at these markets can help you pair flavors and even give you pointers on how to cook your selections. No matter what kind of seafood you love to eat, you’ll find it at the seafood markets in Panama City Beach!

Tasting Already Prepared Food

Don’t want to cook the food yourself but want to take home delicious seafood? These markets have pre-prepared appetizers, such as smoked tuna dip, you can take back to your vacation rental. You’ll also find selections of steamed shrimp, seafood gumbo, and seasoned potatoes and corn. Many of the seafood markets have house made cocktail sauce to pair with steamed shrimp, and you might even find delicious desserts to bring home too!

Providing Supplies for Angling

If you haven’t gone fishing yet but are planning on it, stop by one of the seafood markets in Panama City Beach before you go! Many of them have coolers to store fish to keep them fresh, ice to keep the fish cool, bait to catch the fish, tackle to keep you prepared, and so much more.

Popular Seafood Markets in Panama City Beach

Wondering where you should take your fresh catches or where you can grab delicious seafood? Here are some of the most popular seafood markets in Panama City Beach:

  • Andersons Seafood Market
  • Buddy’s Seafood
  • Local Steamer Seafood Market
  • Sandbar Seafood and Deli
  • Shrimp City Seafood Market
  • Treasure Island Seafood Market

Once you visit one of the seafood markets in Panama City Beach, you won’t want to go anywhere else to get your fresh seafood! We know you’re ready to come to Panama City for your next getaway. Book one of our vacation rentals in Panama City to start planning your trip today!

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