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5 Fun and Free Things to Do in Destin

When planning a vacation in Destin, you want to save as much money as possible. Everyone has a vacation budget they want to stick to. That’s why finding fun and free things to do in Destin is the best way for you to have a good time on your trip without worrying that you are overspending. Saving money on activities means you can splurge on other itinerary items. These fun free things to do in Destin will make your beach getaway the best one yet!


1. Swim at the Beach

Swimming is probably one of the most popular activities you can do at the beach. There is nothing quite like taking a dip in cool water on a hot day. You don’t have to be an expert swimmer to enjoy the water at a beach in Destin. If you don’t want to dive deep into the water, you can just hang out around the shoreline. Just soaking your feet makes for a relaxing time at the beach.


2. Explore the Destin Harbor Boardwalk

The Destin Harbor Boardwalk provides visitors with a walking path that includes fantastic views of the crystal green water from the beach. You can get a view of a variety of different boats including fishing boats that are unloading their day’s catch. Explore the shops for some window shopping without even having to spend a single penny.


3. Enjoy a Picnic on the Beach

Grab your beach towel, sunscreen and a picnic basket full of tasty sandwiches because it’s time for a picnic on the beach. A picnic on the beach gives you time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Being by the water also means you’ll get a cool breeze from time to time. Out of all the free things to do in Destin, this one really takes the cake!


4. Build Sandcastles

The powdery soft white sand at Destin beaches makes for the perfect material to create a sandcastle. Bring your own buckets and shovels to create your sandcastle masterpiece. This is a fun activity that the kids will love. Make it a friendly competition to see who can make the best sandcastle. Either way, you’ll make amazing memories while showing your creative side.


5. Watch Sunset

The best part about a beach getaway is the amazing views you get to take in while you are there. Visitors love walking along the beach especially when it comes time for the sun to set. Find the perfect spot along the beach so you can enjoy watching the sunset with loved ones. This is a great activity because it helps you relax after a long day of fun in Destin. You’ll always remember the amazing memories you make while on your beach getaway.


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