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Four Simple Tips to Secure Happy Vacation Rental Guests

While the Florida Panhandle offers plenty of memorable activities to keep travelers returning back year-after-year, providing a memorable guest experience at their home away from home is equally important. Stepping foot in a rental is one of the very first stops and first impressions travelers receive when finally arriving at their destination. For many, arriving at their rental will set the tone for the rest of their long-planned vacation. Here are some tips to provide a happy guest experience inside vacation rentals.

Four Simple Tips to Secure Happy Vacation Rental Guests


Whether travelers are staying in a hotel or staying in a vacation home, they all have expectations of one single factor: Cleanliness. Vacation rental guests never anticipate being greeted by dirt, hair, or dust in their living spaces. Dirty living spaces can not only deflect guests from staying with you in the future, but a negative review left by an unhappy guest can be detrimental to the possibility of future guests. One of the perks of using a property management company is the professionally trained cleaners who make your home sparkling clean for each stay. During peak season, owners often find themselves with a constant flow of guests coming in and out of their homes, and with many owners being located out of state, having reliable cleaners can take that extra stress off the owner.

RealJoy provides professionally trained cleaners to do the work for you. Our cleaners are required to attend cleaning courses each quarter. After the homes have been cleaned, our Property Inspectors are sent in to inspect the home, ensure the home is guest ready, and provide preventive maintenance to handle the little things, so they don’t turn into big things. Not to mention, care for furniture and flooring is also included.


After spending the day at the beach or participating in activities around the panhandle, guests find themselves longing for comfort at the end of the day. An advantage of choosing vacation homes over hotels is the abundance of living spaces like a living room. The living room ends up being the centerpiece of a vacation rental where families will kick back, relax, and enjoy quality time together. We recommend ensuring the living room space is adequate for an enjoyable stay with comfortable lounging furniture and entertainment like games and a TV. On the other hand, providing comfort in bedrooms should also be a top priority. If the average person is sleeping about 8 hours a night, that is nearly 56 hours a guest is spending in one place during a week-long vacation! In other words, making sure those 56 hours are spent comfortably is a must. Providing a thick comfortable mattress, soft sheets, and plush pillows can leave a guest waking up feeling well-rested and ready to take on the day.

RealJoy keeps our units fully equipped including linens. No more stressing about going into your property, stripping the bedding, washing, and replacing. We keep entire warehouses and teams dedicated to providing clean, soft, and comfortable linens for every unit.

If you’re looking to go above and beyond for your guests, comfort can mean more than a comfortable bed. Purchasing bedside essentials like a bedside table with lamps, an extension cord if there isn’t an outlet close to the bed, or providing blackout curtains for some shade from the sun in the mornings, will show the guest that you had their comfort in mind.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

Having a fully equipped kitchen is another advantage for guests when choosing between a vacation rental over a hotel. Eating out for every meal can be costly for travelers. Providing a ready-to-use kitchen that is fully equipped, allows guests to have the tools they need to prepare food or prepare their coolers for a day out at the beach. We highly suggest ensuring the kitchen is stocked with essentials like dinnerware, flatware, and coffee makers. Adding those bigger upgrades like toasters, microwaves, and any other appliances guests may use while cooking meals or snacks can get owners those extra brownie points. Travelers want a vacation to be easy and the less travelers will have to purchase, the better.


Travelers will often find themselves with questions or needing assistance with their stay. Providing communication to assist guests with their needs can turn a possible negative review into a positive review. For those who are self-managing or are located out of state, it can be difficult to always be around when a guest is in need. We understand that our owners are busy and being available isn’t always possible. At RealJoy, we provide our guests with communication during all hours including an emergency line available for after-hour cases.

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