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Packing for a beach vacation can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We want to share some of the top things you need to bring with you when you are going to rent one of our Panama City Beach vacation rentals. From essential items such as a bathing suit to optional items like beach toys, you have quite a few things to remember to bring with you! Check out these 9 items to pack for our Panama City Beach vacation rentals:

1. Swimsuit

You definitely don’t want to forget your swimsuit when you go to the beach! Be sure to pack everyone’s bathing suit — maybe even a couple because you never know how many you’ll want to wear. Then you’ll all have a blast splashing in the water!

2. Sandals

No one wants to try to get sand out of their shoes. Make sure you pack shoes such as flip-flops or sandals you don’t mind getting dirty to walk in the sand on the beach.

3. Beach Towels

beach towels hat and sunscreenThe sand gets hot throughout the day with the sun shining down on it, so be sure to pack your beach towels so you have something comfortable to lay on. Plus, you will need something to dry off with before you head back to your Panama City Beach vacation rental.

4. Sunscreen

You can’t go on a beach vacation without packing the sunscreen. Taking care of your skin is important, so you will want to bring sunscreen with you!

5. Beach Bag or Wagon

beach bag hat flip flops on the beachYou’re going to need something to carry all of these items in down to the beach with you. You need something to hold your phone, sunscreen, drinks, and other things. A large beach bag is an essential part of going to the beach. Don’t want to have to carry everything in a bag? Grab a beach friendly wagon so all you have to do is pull it along behind you! Plus, your kids can hitch a ride if they’re too little to walk the whole way to the beach!

6. Cooler

Nothing makes some time spent on the beach better than some snacks and cold drinks! You’ll want them to be easily accessible so you don’t have to make multiple trips back to your Panama City Beach vacation rental. You should pack a cooler to bring to the beach, whether it’s a hard case or a soft cooler! Bring water, your kids’ favorite drinks, snacks, and more to ensure you have a great day on the beach.

7. Toys

beach bucket and shovelsYour kids will love building sandcastles, playing frisbee, and enjoying their day on the beach just as much as you. The kind of toys you pack will depend on how old your kids are and what they enjoy doing when you go to the beach. A bucket, shovel, frisbee, and water board are some of the best options if you’re not sure what to bring!

8. Chairs

While beach chairs aren’t a necessity, many people enjoy having them. You don’t want to kick up sand onto your beach towel every time you get up, so having a chair to sit on is much more comfortable. Plus, you can get a chair that allows you to lay down and relax or sit up!

9. Tent

little boy in a beach tentIf you’re concerned about sun exposure or don’t want to sit in the hot sun all day, a beach umbrella or tent is a great option to pack. You will want one that easily goes up and comes down. Having this kind of shade is a great way to cool off without having to leave the beachfront.

These are just a few things you might want to bring with you when you go to the beach. Are you ready to start planning your next trip? Look through our Panama City Beach vacation rentals, and pick one that’s perfect for your family today!

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