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When you stay at one of our vacation rentals in Miramar Beach, you will be in a prime location to access some of the best places to get delicious seafood. One of the great perks of traveling to the gulf is that you will be presented with the freshest product. Here are 5 restaurants in Miramar Beach with the best seafood: 

1. Acme Oyster House 

The Acme Oyster House combines the New Orleans atmosphere with the beautiful panhandle of Florida. Since 1910, they have been serving up delicious seafood straight from the gulf to the table of their amazing guests. The appeal of this particular restaurant is their two specialities, gumbo and oysters. Because they were founded in New Orleans, they stay true to their roots with a delicious Seafood Gumbo. The combination of the rich broth mixed with fresh shrimp and crab make it the perfect way to start your meal! As you can imagine from the name of the restaurant, the other thing they are most known for is oysters. If you are looking for a challenge, try to make it on the leaderboard of the 15 dozen club! 

2. The Whale’s Tail Beach Bar and Grill 

If you want a beautiful view of the beach while you eat, you will not get much closer than you will at Whale’s Tail Beach Bar and Grill. They have an outdoor patio that hangs out over the white sand of Miramar. In addition to the fantastic view, this is the place to go any time of day for an amazing meal. The restaurant opens at 7:00 a.m. so you can start your morning off with a delicious breakfast. Then, you can return later in the day for some of the best seafood entrees in Miramar Beach. There is nothing like enjoying fresh seafood while you listen to the waves of the gulf in the distance. However, if you aren’t a fan of seafood, they also have other options on the menu as well! While there are so many great seafood restaurants in Miramar Beach, there are also some great places to eat in Destin that are just a short drive away! 

 3. Slick Lips Seafood & Oyster House

Are you looking for the best family owned restaurant to visit while on vacation? Look no further than Slick Lips Seafood & Oyster House. Born in Destin, father and son Gary and Bryce Jarvis have made it their mission to provide your family with the perfect dining experience. With over 40 years of fishing background, they have plenty of knowledge about all things seafood related. Their menu focuses on the best ingredients available every season. Therefore, no matter what time of year you are visiting Miramar, you can be sure you are getting the freshest product. Because they are a family owned business, they understand the importance of treating every guest that comes in as an extended member of the family! That is what makes it one of the best restaurants in Miramar Beach! 

 4. Royal Palm Grille 

There is no better combination in a restaurant than a great meal and a lively atmosphere. That is exactly what you will find at the Royal Palm Grille. As you walk in the restaurant, you will notice the large bar area with giant LED TVs. This is the best place to catch all the local and national sporting events. They offer NFL Sunday Ticket so you can head over on Sundays and enjoy lunch while you take in the big game. When it comes to the menu, they have some of the best fried seafood in the area. If you can’t decide what you are craving, you can’t go wrong with the fried seafood platter. It features mahi-mahi, jumbo shrimp, a crab cake, and two sides! So if there is a sporting event happening while you are on vacation or you are just looking for some good food, head on down to Royal Palm Grille where you can enjoy a delicious meal and a lively atmosphere! 

 5. Jackacuda’s Seafood & Sushi 

Not only does Jackacuda’s Seafood & Sushi have some incredible food, but there is quite the story behind the history of it. Destin has been branded the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village for many years. During the 1980s, the Tenaco 80 was dropped to create an artificial reef where you could catch a large number of amberjacks. However, about a decade later, the water was not being friendly to Captain Dale Beebe one afternoon. All he seemed to see that day were a bunch of barracuda. When he was asked what he had caught while out on the water, his response was “all I caught was a bunch of Jackacudas.” That is the story about how the name came to be. So the next time you are in the area, be sure to stop in and taste some of the freshest seafood you can find in the gulf, including some amberjack!



You and your family can enjoy the best seafood at any of these restaurants in Miramar Beach. At RealJoy Vacations, we offer affordable vacation rentals near all the excitement! Be sure to check out our Miramar vacation rentals to book your next trip today! 

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