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The Ultimate Guide: Top Equipment Rentals for Vacation in Destin, Florida


A pristine, serene, and exquisitely beautiful locale, Destin, Florida, is an idyllic vacation destination that has been stealing hearts for decades. This slice of paradise in the Florida Panhandle is a haven for beach lovers, boasting sugar-white sands, emerald-hued waters, and a plethora of water sports. But what if you want to add an extra layer of fun and adventure without the burden of packing and hauling your gear? Rental equipment is your answer. This blog has everything you need to know about top equipment rentals, so whether you’re into biking, paddleboarding, or boogie boarding, buckle up for an unforgettable vacation in Destin, Florida.

Destin Bicycle Rentals 

Cycling is undoubtedly one of the premier modes of enjoyment when it comes to soaking in the unadulterated beauty of Destin. This activity is not only eco-friendly, helping to reduce emissions and preserve the natural wonders of the region, but also a fantastic way to boost your health. Engaging in physical activities like cycling can help keep you fit and energized, even while on vacation. More importantly, cycling brings about an element of fun that’s embraced by family members of all ages, making it an all-time favorite for families on Destin vacations.


Discussing bike rentals, the town hosts numerous proficient services that cater to your needs. One such company is Rent Gear Here, a business notable for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 


Another remarkable firm is Destin Wheels, which is well recognized for its wide assortment of rental bikes. They cater effectively to every age group and preference, presenting everything from straightforward, easy-to-operate bikes for kids to tandem bikes that are meant for couples wanting to share their cycling journey or parents ensuring the safety of their little ones.


What adds a cherry on top is the bonus services provided by these companies. Essentials such as bike locks, helmets, and even baskets for carrying personal items are supplied without any additional charges. This level of attention to detail goes a long way in ensuring satisfaction and a hassle-free experience for customers.


The flexibility of rental periods is another draw. It doesn’t matter if you want to rent a bike for a few hours to enjoy an impromptu ride along the beach, or if you need it for a week or more to fully encompass your exploratory cycling excursions during your vacation. Companies like Rent Gear Here and Destin Wheels offer customized periods of rental, culminating in a stress-free experience for you.


A vacation in Destin offers vast opportunities for fun-filled activities. Institutions like these bike rental companies ensure that visitors can celebrate their vacation in a relaxed yet exciting manner. Imagine an early morning cycling expedition watching the sunrise over the pristine beaches or a leisurely family bike tour, discovering hidden trails and scenic routes around Destin—the possibilities are appealing and endless.

Destin Paddleboard Rentals

Photo by SUP Express Paddleboard Rentals and Tours

Paddleboarding, a sport that harmoniously combines elements of surfing and kayaking, has rapidly grown into one of the most sought-after water-based activities in Destin. Providing ample opportunity to commune with nature’s serene grandeur while navigating the emerald-green waters, paddleboarding promises an experience that is as exhilarating as it is calming. Participants often find themselves lost in the rhythm of their paddles cutting through the water, creating ripples across the silken surface while getting a full-body workout.

Many visitors are drawn to the sport for its inherent simplicity and perceived tranquility. But make no mistake, paddleboarding not only delivers tranquil vibes but also offers the high-octane thrill of more “extreme” sports. All of this makes paddleboarding a perfectly balanced recreational activity and an easy favorite among both newcomers and seasoned water sports enthusiasts.


Respected establishments in the area like SUP Express have built an exceptional reputation by providing top-of-line equipment and unmatched customer-focused services. Specializing in a variety of paddleboards, they ensure everyone from beginners just dipping their toes in the water, to proficient paddleboarders seeking the next wave, can find the right gear matching their skill levels and needs.


Another respected service provider, GUSU Paddle and Surf, extends a comparable range of high-quality paddleboarding equipment. What sets them apart is their warm, welcoming spirit and genuine commitment to helping their clients have the best possible on-water experience.


What makes these outlets’ services even more appealing is the inclusivity of their rental packages. Most companies provide not only the paddleboard but also key gear, such as life vests and paddles, thus ensuring the safety and convenience of their customers.


While paddleboarding in Destin, there’s also a surprising amount of opportunities for exploration. Routes for paddleboarding often include cruising along the scenic coastline, exploring the bay’s lush beauty, or even venturing out a bit further into the stunning Gulf of Mexico. The diversity in routes means every excursion offers a unique, breathtaking perspective of Destin.


And let’s not forget the tantalizing possibility of a close encounter with Destin’s diverse marine life. While enjoying your time on the paddleboard, it’s quite common to see dolphins playfully jumping in the distance or swimming close to you, giving you front-row seats to nature’s stunning spectacle.

Destin Surfboard Rentals

Whether you’re an experienced surfer on the hunt for your next great wave, or a newbie dreaming about catching your first wave, consider giving surfing a try in Destin. Known for its breathtaking beaches and nearly-perfect surf breaks, Destin is an undisputed haven for those looking to embark on a wave riding adventure.


Destin’s beaches offer something extraordinary for surfing enthusiasts. Shimmering under the Florida sun, the warm emerald sea stands in stunning contrast against the powder-white beaches. This isn’t just aesthetically appealing but also offers some of the most conducive conditions for surfing. The Destin breaks, particularly in specified regions, provide the perfect harmony of power and gentleness, catering to both the seasoned professionals looking for challenging waves and rookies hoping for manageable waves to practice their skills.


In Destin, numerous stellar establishments rent out high-quality surfboards. One such provider is Ride On Surf School, which specializes in catering to all your surfing needs. They’re equipped with a wide array of surfboards designed for varying proficiency levels. They consider factors such as length, width, design, amount of rocker, and material in their collection, ensuring everyone from novices to experts can find the optimal board to experience the waves.


Another noted surf shop and rental business is GUSU Paddle and Surf. Renowned for their quality equipment and exceptional customer service, GUSU offers an extensive selection of surfboards, catering to different surfing styles, body types, and skill levels. So whether you’re looking for a longboard to cruise on smaller waves or a shortboard to execute sharp turns and maneuvers on larger waves, GUSU has got you covered.


These providers’ services prove to be highly customer-focused, as reflected in their flexible rental period. They understand that every vacationer’s needs and schedules are different. This is why they offer time-sensitive rentals ranging from per hour for those looking for a quick taste of surfing, per day for those who wish to spend all day riding the waves, to an entire week for those who like to keep their schedules open and flexible. This adaptability ensures you can engage in this thrilling water sport on your own terms and make the most of your vacation time.

Destin Kayak Rentals

Photo by Destin Kayak Rentals

In the paradise that is Destin, with its calm, clear and pristine waters, kayaking morphs into an essentially tranquil experience. From the soft splash of the paddles as they stir the seamless water surfaces, to the warm sunlight gently dappling upon the contours of your kayak, to the irreplaceable thrill of being part of vibrant marine life, it becomes a reservoir of truly extraordinary moments.


Under the vastness of the Floridian blue sky, as you set out on your kayak and cut through the crystal-clear water, there is no parallel to the sense of freedom and peace that washes over you. The rhythmic rowing affords you an up-close and personal interaction with the beautiful marine life that calls Destin home. Starfish, turtles, and dolphins might just be a part of your audience as you glide leisurely across the waters, bringing a sense of adventure to the calming endeavor.


A key player in helping you undergo this extraordinary experience is Destin Kayak Rentals. Specializing in renting out kayaks, they extend their services to a wide variety of customers. Be it single or tandem kayaks, accommodating your solo adventures or shared experiences, they make sure that everyone’s needs are met.

Then there’s Destiny Water Adventures, another company known for its contribution to the kayaking scene in Destin. 

Services from these companies don’t just ensure high-quality equipment but also a team of well-experienced and friendly staff who prioritize your safety and comfort. They go the extra mile in providing crucial safety guidelines and kayaking instructions to their customers.

Destin Beach Gear Rentals

The sun umbrellas shielding you from the eager beams of the midday sun, the beach chairs that act as comfy cocoons as you sink into them after an invigorating swim, and the sunshade tents under which fond memories take shape, are all integral to the beach experience. And in Destin, Lazy Days Beach Service is your one-stop-shop destination for all these needs.


No matter if it’s a large beach umbrella providing a cool respite from the sun, sturdy, comfortable beach chairs to relax in while the waves serenade you, or sunshade tents perfect for weekend family fun or romantic moments—they’ve got you covered. You can simply name your needs, and they will ensure you have all the right gear for an unforgettable time on Destin’s beautiful beaches.


However, what sets Lazy Day Beach Services apart is not just the premium quality of their beach gear, but also their array of thoughtful services designed to help you squeeze the most relaxation out of your vacation. They understand that setting up beach equipment can be a cumbersome task, acting as a speed bump on your road to relaxation. Therefore, they offer setup and breakdown services for all their gear. This means you can bypass the hassle and dive straight into the bliss of your beach day.

Children’s Rental Gear in Destin

Traveling with kids, especially infants and toddlers, is a rewarding but challenging task that many families undertake. The task is often compounded by the need to bring along various pieces of essential “kid gear”. These items, ranging from travel cribs, strollers, car seats, to an array of different toys, constitute the fundamental elements of a comfortable and enjoyable stay for your little ones. However, packing and transporting these items can be a logistic nightmare for parents.


Here’s where companies like Baby’s Away and Crib Connection, located in the picturesque city of Destin, step in to ease the burden on traveling families. They offer an extensive range of rental baby gear that families may require on their vacation. By understanding the unique needs and priorities of traveling families, these companies have tailored their services to offer everything, from a homely crib to your kid’s favorite toy.

Fishing Rental Gear in Destin

Sand Flea Outfitters is the premier go-to destination for all your surf fishing gear rental requirements. They are committed to providing customers with high-quality, well-maintained equipment to maximize their chances of landing that prized catch. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff ready to assist, Sand Flea Outfitters ensures you have access to the best rental gear, tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, they offer valuable tips and guidance to improve your surf fishing experience. They provide the convenience of daily and weekly rental options with complimentary delivery, setup, and pick up services, making your fishing adventure hassle-free. Their user-friendly online booking system allows you to seamlessly reserve the gear you need, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable surf fishing trip in Destin.

Plan Your Destin Getaway Today

Destin offers an unparalleled vacation experience, blending its stunning natural beauty, world-class fishing opportunities, family-friendly services like baby gear rental, and much more. If you’re a fishing aficionado looking to experience the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” or a family preparing for a memorable beachfront vacation, Destin has something for everyone.


When it comes to choosing the ideal place to stay during your visit, look no further than RealJoy Vacations. We offer immaculate vacation properties in a range of sizes and styles, RealJoy caters to solo travelers, couples, families, and large groups. Each property is designed to satisfy the unique needs and desires of their guests, ensuring a comfortable and unforgettable vacation experience. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service, making sure you feel right at home while enjoying your time in Destin.


Our attractive rentals are situated in prime locations across the city, giving you easy access to the best destinations Destin has to offer, whether you plan to go fishing, explore the beach, or stroll through the vibrant local attractions. With their exclusive offers and unbeatable value, your stay with RealJoy ensures you can make the most of your vacation while enjoying all of the comforts of a home away from home.


So pack your bags, gather your friends and loved ones, and set sail to the beautiful coastal paradise of Destin, Florida. Experience the charm and allure of this mesmerizing city that attracts countless visitors from around the world each year. And when it’s time to rest your head after a fun-filled day at the beach or on the water, you can rest assured that we will be there, ready to welcome you with open arms and provide the ideal home base for creating lifelong memories in the breathtaking city that is Destin.