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Top 4 Fun Things to Do Near Destin FL for Animal Lovers

If you love animals, you will be thrilled to know that there are several fantastic zoological parks and animal attractions just minutes away from our Destin vacation rentals! This is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine as you explore some of the most unique and cute creatures on earth! Here are the top 4 fun things to do near Destin FL for animal lovers:

1. Emerald Coast Zoo

The Emerald Coast Zoo is not just a fantastic place to view animals, but you can also participate in several unique animal encounters! If you ever wanted to ride on a camel, this is your chance to experience one of the world’s most ancient modes of transportation! For those who want to interact with some of Florida’s colorful birds, step into the aviary where you can purchase seed sticks to feed the birds and interact with them personally! As if that doesn’t sound cool enough, the Emerald Coast Zoo offers opportunities to feed a giraffe, pet a sloth and even train a lion! 

2. Gulf Breeze Zoo

Another one of the top fun things to do near Destin FL for animal lovers is the Gulf Breeze Zoo, an award-winning zoo that offers 50 acres of wild adventures. Altogether, the zoo is home to more than 800 animals from around the world for you to enjoy! One of the highlights is the Safari Express Train Ride, a 15-minute narrated train ride where you can watch rhinoceros, deer, and antelope roam free on a 30 acre preserve! You also won’t want to miss the Elevated Boardwalk that provides a fabulous view of the orangutans and gorillas on their island habitats!

3. Gator Beach

If you don’t consider your Florida vacation complete without seeing alligators, head on over to Gator Beach to view these amazing reptiles! This is the largest alligator park on the Emerald Coast and features hundreds of alligators, including an extremely rare albino alligator in her very own special exhibit! There is no admission fee to enter this fun attraction, so you are free to walk around, ask questions and even watch an alligator show at no charge! Don’t leave without feeding an alligator in the large main pond area or posing for a photo with a live alligator!

4. Zoo World

No list of the top things to do near Destin FL for animal lovers is complete without Panama City Beach’s Zoo World! This wonderful zoological park is home to exotic animals from across the globe and you won’t need any binoculars to see them! Zoo World offers several up close animal adventures, including the opportunity to pet a sloth, kiss a giraffe or snuggle with a lemur! This is also a fantastic place to visit if you like to feed the animals because you can purchase food for alligators, giraffes and birds!


Now that you know some of the fun things to do near Destin FL for animal lovers, you’re ready to plan your Destin vacation! Be sure to check out all of our vacation rentals in Destin today to find the perfect place to stay!

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