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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Shell Island in Panama City Beach

When it comes to the “must-see” attractions in Panama City Beach, you won’t want to miss a visit to Shell Island! This undeveloped barrier island and beach makes up the southern end of St. Andrews State Park and offers 7 miles of pristine coastline to explore! Here are the top 4 reasons why you should visit Shell Island in Panama City Beach during your Florida vacation:

1. Stunning Beaches

One of the top reasons to visit Shell Island in Panama City Beach is to experience the stunning beaches! Since you must take a private boat or the official Shell Island Shuttle to reach the island, the beaches are not crowded and offer a peaceful getaway to relax! You won’t find concession stands, restaurants and bars, but you will find the perfect place to kick back for the afternoon! The island is named after the vast array of shells that are found along its shores, so be sure to take a stroll along the beach to collect some unique shells to take back home!

2. Excellent Snorkeling Opportunities

If you love to snorkel, you will be delighted to know that Shell Island offers some excellent snorkeling opportunities! Once you get in the water, you will find that the habitats include sand bottom, shallow grass flats and the rocky faces of the jetties. You can expect to see plenty of beautiful tropical fish, crabs and rays, while some folks even get lucky enough to spot a sea turtle or one of the resident bottlenose dolphins! Feel free to bring your own snorkeling gear, or you can purchase some as part of a package on a Shell Island Snorkel Tour.

3. Perfect Kayaking Conditions

Another top reason why you should visit Shell Island in Panama City Beach is to enjoy the perfect kayaking conditions! The water around Shell Island is quite calm, so it is ideal for both beginning and experienced kayakers. In fact, experienced kayakers might even want to make the crossing to Shell Island in their kayak! While paddling along Shell Island, you will see that there is lots of shoreline to explore, as well as plenty of great swimming spots. The best way to try kayaking on Shell Island is to arrange a rental on the day of your trip!

4. Unique Hiking Options

If you prefer to stay on land during your visit to Shell Island, you can take advantage of some unique hiking options! While walking the interior of the island, you have the chance to discover some rare coastal, bird and wildlife communities. Be sure to bring your camera along because you never know what you might see on land or in the water! When you want a break from your hike, just stretch out your blanket and enjoy the gorgeous Florida sunshine!


Now that you know why you should visit Shell Island in Panama City Beach, stay close to the fun with a beautiful and affordable vacation rental! Check out all of our vacation rentals in Panama City Beach today to find the perfect place to stay! 

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